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Фитотерапия ру


                       Phytotherapy, black cumin, herbal and traditional medicine.


   Phytotherapy – or herbal and traditional medicine treatment provided by the healers – is actually a restoration of a regular heart rate, and its knowledge of healing the chronic illnesses and of heart rate diagnostics is a thousand-year old practice, which has been used it Tibet, China, India and here, in Russia. A very special and popular place in phytotherapy is held by the black cumin and its oil, which power, characteristics, effect and capacity to harmonize the heart rate and the health conform with an expression: “it heals everything except for the death” and allows to consider it as a multi-functional traditional remedy.

   A healer or a phytotherapist of our Center selects the individual biostimulants for rejuvenation and wellness of the body, when one is suffering from the lack of energy and loss of tone and when facing stressful situations, in order for the inner energy to fountain and for the general health condition to be flawless.

   “Unusual feeling – I have had heart pain for twenty years, and now I don’t feel it”,- shared one of our patients after two weeks of receiving the black cumin and herbal therapy from a healer. Would it be necessary to wait for twenty years? Would you like for your own health condition at 40 and 50 years old to be the same, as it was at 21, 23 or 25 years old? Then take care of your health as early as you can, as the roots of damages spring from the childhood

   Your friend, ally, adviser, helper, inner voice and, most importantly, your major weapon – is your heart, and you should treat it with a proper respect and patience, taking care of its condition in a timely manner.

   Official medicine recognizes more and more the significant results of the herbal treatment and traditional medicine, and healing therapy of heart rate diagnostics in curing the heart conditions and chronic illnesses. Secondary disruption in the work of body and its organs, arise due to the heart rate deviations and heart diseases and lead to the quality changes of body tissues. This is the answer to the question of how to heal the body and heart with the timely detection of the diseases. It is like pumping up health and blowing in life, by restoring the sleep, the most vital rhythms, especially daily rhythms and correct biochemistry, by supplying the needed elements.

   It is important to detect and to cure the heart diseases on time, for example, by doing the computer heart rate diagnostics regularly, so the chronic and genetic illnesses will not appear. Be the boss of your own health! We will help you to prevent and to cure disorders, using the traditional medicine, and also eliminate the possible abnormalities and genetic disorders in the newborns, by detecting their risks prior to the pregnancy. Childlessness and recurrent abortions are the natural abilities of a fetus and a woman’s body, natural screening from population by protective reactions in case of the unwanted genetic mutations which appear as minimization of the defects, given the unfavorable conditions and the health weaknesses.

   According to the official statistics, two thirds of the deaths occur due to diseases related to the diabetes, cancer and heart diseases, and also due to the high blood pressure. Therefore it is very important to not only take care of the heart and other vital organs, but the body as the whole. What is the best way to preserve our health? Can the nature help us to do so? The answer is yes – this is the phytotherapy with its entire wisdom of the centuries, modern knowledge, habitual and harmless remedies, such as the black cumin, trepang, sea urchin roe, yarsagumba, nonie, honey, cerago, confirming high quality of products and services (See Treatement).

   Everyone of us is hoping to live happy and long life. And the heart rate diagnostics helps to detect the occurrence of a disease on time.

Heart rate diagnostics gives us this chance, by warning about the danger of occurrence of heart attacks, strokes or chronic illnesses, preventing the appearance of inexplicable diseases or those, considered to be incurable, such as arrhythmia, brain diseases, vitiligo, hepatitis, disseminated sclerosis and so on.

   And, when starting a treatment, it is important to continue it until its logical completion. In this case, due to various reasons, very often many problems occur. When receiving a remedy, those who have high accuracy of reactions, very quickly begin to notice an obvious improvement, but they often don’t understand that their treatment have not been completed yet, and it is necessary to make sure that the results are stable, otherwise everything will come back again. And the health improvement is just an effect of the received remedy and an indicator of qualification of the therapist. Some people start and quit what they’ve started from six to eight times.

   Such changes in the health conditions and the heart rate in time are shown in details in the example of the heart rate computer diagnostics. (See Computer Diagnostics)

   Heart rate computer diagnostics is an accurate and objective method, allowing to detect the slightest deviations in work of the body system.

   With each day, the herbal therapy becomes more and more popular, since it allows not to change the habitual lifestyle and especially not to quit work. This slowly minimizes the use of chemically produced medications. It comes as no surprise that each human body is distinct. It requires elimination of any deviation from the norm, especially, with a help of the natural remedies such as vitamins and food supplements, and only then the use of other remedies and medications. And the heart rate diagnostics and the phytotherapy tools allow to detect and to correct the individual deviations by an experienced team of the therapists of Moscow and Russia.

   The phytotherapy basics, its tools and knowledge, allow to harmonically add to the heart, brain and the body as a whole, the ideal characteristics, without any side effects, given, of course, the high qualification of the specialist who knows the pharmacological qualities of the remedies he or she is using and biochemistry of the patient’s body. The ”no harm” principle dictates: when any disorder occurs, it is necessary to first use the food products and herbal and traditional remedies, approved by the ages, and only then the chemical or artificial medications.

   The goal of our Phytotherapy Center is to precisely define the health condition with the computer diagnostics or the heart rate and to bring your body health into its best state possible by using phytotherapy, herbs, traditional remedies and healing services.

With the help of new knowledge in chronobiology, the modern phytotherapy as a division of medicine has become a precise science! Heart attacks, strokes or asthma can be predicted minimum few years before they actually occur, and therefore they can be averted using the heart rate diagnostics and the preventive measures. 

   Methods of detection and management of the body condition allow to add any characteristics to it, which a person may never have had from the birth, since the modern genetics allow to do this!

   Cardio diseases, such as hypertension, hypotension, arrhythmia, bradycardia, tachycardia, and also asthma, arthritis, radiculitis, eczema and so on – appear after several years of occurrence of biochemical disorders, leading to the chronic illnesses. (See Causes of Illnesses)

   The goal of the specialist is with any disorder to rebuild the characteristics of the heart activity and conformity between the organs and to harmonize them to some ideal state, as much as the genetics of this particular patient’s body, his or her age and condition allow, creating the most perfect forms and characteristics even after  the worst chronic disorders, by reestablishing the correct biochemistry of the patient’s body.

   Regeneration of health with the help of herbs today represents a harmonious combination of principles of the latest scientific breakthroughs and the traditional medicine, and it is a method allowing to safely restore the optimal characteristics of the heart and the organs. Surely the phytotherapy is as effective as traditional medicine and homeopathy, and it is almost as harmless as the food products.

   If the body works ideally for a fairly long time, then later it continues to work ideally without any additional impacts.

   Healing the body with the herbs allows to significantly improve your health and the quality of your life, without distracting you from work and from habitual lifestyle, and to bring you longevity and wellbeing.

   In our Phytotherapy Center we apply such highly effective remedies as trepang, sea urchin roe, cerago and so on, but the most effective of all is the black cumin, which cures basically everything, which is confirmed by the positive feedback of our visitors.